Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Not mine, but my lovely boyfriend's. It was yesterday and I decided to make him an awesome cake which I thought id share on here. Yes, I know there are millions of cakes like this online, and no i didnt take any of those recipe's, I used my own timeless white spongecake recipe and simply divided it into six colours. Really not that hard :P
So anyway- here it is:
Came out better than I had hoped. :)
I also made him a sweetawesometastic plushie:

We also had a picnic and then... I don't believe I am telling people this, but thereafter we watched New Moon.
I honestly have never laughed so hard in a packed movie theatre. It was hillarious:

*Actual lines from the movie.

Childish? yes...maybe- but man was it perfect timing.

Pretty much the only reason I will ever go watch it again would be because of, yep you guessed it:
Under aged bestiality ftw. Seriously, 17? I would definitely give him my name if he asked for it.

That all that happened this week.
Well, that and I am sick. Joy.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Death Rally

Oh man, my last entry was depressing.
I'm really not that depressed, sorry boutAlign Center that :)

So recently I have found many a childhood memory which I can now play again. I'm talking about PC games of course.
I found the best website : which allows you to play old school nintendo games for free online!!! My life is complete :)
This little discovery however, came at a price of my sanity and a good night's sleep, as; a few hours before, I had watched Paranormal Activity. This movie is really not for the faint of heart. No Jokes. I was so scared I could not sleep for almost a week. The reason for its scary rating is not only the "camcorder effect" of filming like Blair Witch, but because the characters are so damn believable and relatable. For those of you who dont know, it is about a woman who has been haunted since she was little, her now fiance thinks it would be funny to agravate the "ghost" only to find out it's not a ghost, but a demon and that it doesn't like messing with.
Man, scary does not describe this movie, absolutely terrifying comes close though.

So back to my nostalgia. After finding this little gem in the interwebs, I had an idea to look for my all time favourite DOS game: DEATH RALLY. And lo and behold I was in luck.
My dearest boyfriend quickly picked up how to install/use emulators, but I didn't want to go through all that, so I kept searching- only to find the lovely people at Windows to have turned it into a PC game(without having to use DosBox).

Yet again, with this discovery, I have a new onset of insomnia. Hooray :) But atleast this time its voluntery and not because I am scared of being dragged into a different dimension by a bored demon.

Hopefully I will update more soon.


Monday, September 14, 2009

The world's a happy place.

Oh man. keeping up with this thing is hard. Especially since I've discovered Restaurant City on Facebook. Seriously. Don't do it.

Ok, well since I've seemingly changed this blog to a slightly more personal "thing" I think I might just keep with it as a personal virtual punching bag(venting).

So here goes.

Why is it that people can't be happy? One theory by literary theorist Lacan is that language is the reason we will never be happy. No really, stay with me here- I actually kind of agree with him.
He explains that we are all born whole and happy. However, as soon as we learn words, we stray from that "wholeness". When we see ourselves in a mirror and have no language, we look at ourselves as a whole. One being. Completely happy.
We are taught about elbows and knees, arms and fingers. Now when we look at ourselves. We see elbows and knees. Not a whole person. We see imperfections and we can name them.
To compensate for this we seek a partner. Someone to make us feel whole. Someone who just "fits". Sadly, no one ever "fits", well, not really.

Thats how I see it, anyway.
Why can't we just be happy? Just be. Why do we constantly need SOMETHING to make us happy?
Everyone seems to be wearing a mask with a beautifully painted smiley face. Bright and yellow. When we feel alone, or sad or scared. We look around, slap bang into all these bright smiley happy faces. Not knowing that they too are simply masks.
Everyone seems so happy we think. We forget that we too are wearing our smiley mask, making us look just as happy.Everyone feels this way, sure- some more than others.
The optimists feel this way, yet have some strange ability to work through it like it will get better. The realists simply work through it as a means to an end. And the pessimists, well some just don't have the strength to work through it at all.

Why can't we believe that everyone is not out to hurt us? Not everyone wants to lie to you, or cheat on you or bring you down. Yet we firmly place that assumption on others, barely giving them the chance. Then get upset when we too arn't given a chance.

I wish I could see a whole. And not infest others with my irrational insecurities. Maybe then we could be happy.

Sigh. P.s- This
is pretty much what I get to wear at my new job.

I should be happy right?



Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I swear I am still alive and will update this page quicker.
I've been home (South Africa) for just over a month and have been shocked at how much things change when you've been gone for so long.
I have come to several conclusions and new ways of living my life, you might do well to follow the following crucial rules:
-nothing lasts forever, sad, true- treasure moments, move on.
-be grateful for your mother's home cooked meals.
-know that some people are only supposed to be in your life for a short while, but in that time you might learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.
-you are stronger than you realize.
-turning 21 really isnt such a big deal.
-being 21 is a lot scarier than I expected.
-not having any future plans might be scary, but at least it isnt boring.
-people do not need role-models, they simply need friends who encourage them to be the best they can be.
-the only person you really need to impress is yourself.
-art makes most problems disappear.
-if art doesn't work, try acting.
-ive forgotten how fun reading is.
-the internet should not be your life.

This list will probably grow as I slowly remember all my new ideas.

Today might have been the best last day ever. I got to hang out with Andrea, watch an amazing film and score some free cake from the cute Mugg&Bean manager. All is good in the world, and tomorrow I will be back in Australia which means I will be able to present this page with more of my own art.

that will be all for tonight, oh and two of my new favourite films are The Fountain, and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Watch them, you will not be disappointed. Thanx for the movie night W, ily.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rather late than pregnant

Wow- only like a month later right? So my life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks, but I am back home for the holidays so I have some time to update this page. As I promised, here are the holga photos!Pretty good for my first time I think ^_^
So right now I am eating KFC and watching America's Next Top Model, I feel kinda liberated.
Don't really have anything else to add, so feel free to comment!

love and jellytots!

oh and P.s- Loki(my kitten) is doing great ^_^


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Blues

This is why I've never had a blog; I tend to forget about it. Luckily I actually have some readers (read: Dan) who asked me "So, when you gonna write more in your blog?" to which my initial response was; " *blank face* Oh crap. Yeah, alright- I'll do it tomorrow."
So here it is folks! Not much new- no amazing discoveries. However I did stumble upon this pic, which I've seen once before, but want to share with you now.
Hopefully one day, I will come up with something origional. Tomorrow I will have my kitten desexed as well as develop my first ever Holga film. I will post them tomoz, whether they are good or simply embarassing. Wish me luck.

Oh and for the record, today was a pretty good day.

Marilyn (I s'pose I should sign off with Marilyn as it is my blog's name LOLOMGWTFROFLBBQKTHNXBAI)



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainbow road

Here I am, yet another night staring at the screen typing away simultaneously between msn conversations, facebook updates and more importantly my Shakespeare essay. Yet again though, it seems when I have important assignments due I try hone in my other skills. I tried my hand at vector art but dayum that takes a long time. I will prob try again as soon as I am finished with my essay- but it did get me working with photoshop again. I've had this idea for a while now so this is just a quick version of it- havn't googled the idea yet for fear of someone doing it better than me.

Also- after recent events I am pretty sure Romance is dead. Don't know where that fits into my entry tonight but I guess I just needed to get it off my chest. Hmm, I feel better now.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nike might have a valid point

So it is another afternoon wakeup and I'm feeling pretty seedy. My week long holiday is over and I have some heavy assignments due in a short amount of time. Unfortunately I've been very unmotivated. I'm not quite sure why I enjoy procrastination so much, I read on the interwebs somewhere that it is because we fear perfection(or the lack thereof). Apparently we are subconsciously so scared that our work won't be perfect, so instead we just keep putting it off. Sounds legit.
Anyway, again, instead of actually attempting to do my work I have been Stumbling through the internet and I stumbled upon this video.

Its called Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. Its simply beautiful and the song isn't too bad either. It really makes me wonder what I'm doing with my creativity.

SO... instead of sitting on the interwebs, waffling on about other peoples amazing talents, I should get back to my own. The art of writing essays.
Although, heres some pics I am pretty proud of, all under the topic Pictorialism:

Maybe I should ask to do my essay through photography, or atleast interperative dance.

Love and shakespeare,


Friday, April 17, 2009

Alrighty HO

At this point in the day (it is now just after 4pm) I have finally got myself up to go shower. You see it, is the morning after the night before and I want to document the events that took place last night. Yes I know I said this blog wont be personal, but I just need to write this stuff down somewhere- and where else but the vast empty universe which is the Internet.

So after a long day of retail therapy with Anna, we plonked ourselves on the bean bags at Rumpus Room with an ice cold vodka-orange. We then proceed to display our recently bought clothing like hunters displaying their prized deer head trophies. After a few ooo's and aaa's we decide it is only fair that the world see how amazing we look in our new outfits so we plan on going out that night.

A quick nap, a necessary shower and a bottle of Trevi later and we are happily on our way to the city, or more specifically UJs. We got our drink cards, downed our four vodka-lime-and-lemonade's and headed to the (very empty) dancefloor. As we are both drama students and have an insatiable urge for attention we unleashed our best dance moves which (GASP SHOCK HORROR) did not include any gyrating on top of each other of skankily shaking what our momma gave us. This seemed to be new to the people in the club as we were quickly surrounded by an audience who then proceeded to dance with us. We had single handedly started a dancefloor.

A quick trip to the ladies room to remove some sweat and re-apply some powder and it was back to the bar to replenish our drinks. Standing in line we notice that we had indeed made some fans as every second person complimented us on our sweet moves. Anna catches up with her (very sexy dreadlocked) friend and I make a few new friends as the line to the bar was taking forever. We finally got our four vodka-cranberry's and it was back to the dancefloor.

Again Anna runs into another one of her (very attractive actor) friends. My new friend comes to dance with me and decides to buy me a drink. However on the way back to the bar security asks me to accompany them outside. Feeling a bit bewildered, as I was still walking upright and not slurring my words yet, I followed him. He asks to see my ID again and I get pretty pissed because this is apparently a "random routine check". Random my ass. Just because I wasn't wearing hooker stilettos, and my skirt was a length that my granny would be proud of, apparently makes me underaged.

Girls+alcohol+emotion= fights/tears- I decide to leave UJ's as they don't deserve my money. Anna realises I'm gone and follows me to Snitch. Snitch.was.DEAD. It was horrible- but I was talking to my peeps tryna get the attention of another one of my peeps and Anna got bored. After a few huffs and sighs we leave Snitch with the intention of going back to UJ's. Then came the tears. Such a big fight erupted between me and Anna, I'm surprised no punches were thrown. I got in a cab and went home, leaving Anna in the city to fend for herself.

I get home at approximately 1am with Anna arriving shortly after me. After a few wise words and hugs and kisses we decide the night is still young and head back out. The time is now 2am. As the fight was between UJ's and Snitch we decide to instead go to The Vic. Just as we are about to line up at the door, a very dru...friendly Irish guy(leprechaun?) started a conversation with us and showed us his pot of gold(hand full of $50 notes). He then very generously gave me and Anna each a $50 note, and refused to take it back after quite a few tries. He bid us a good evening and disappeared into the night. We were confused, rattled and now very, very rich. Not wanting to offend the Irish bloke by saving this new fortune, we did what any God loving Irish would do- headed to the pub(The Vic). Squealing like little school girls over a Johnny Depp poster, we immediately headed to the bar where we discovered we didn't even need our Irish gold as drinks were being bought for us.

Again it was slightly dead but we ran around anyway- dodging between "hey sexy"'s and "where you goin, babe?"'s. We soon got bored and headed across the road to the Stock Exchange. There we met up with Anna's actor friend and again discovered being a girl is worth a lot more than our Irish gold. We danced- made friends- viewpointed the architecture and waited till they finally kicked us out.

As we were about to leave I happened to bump into my friend whom Ive been avoiding for reasons which will not be mentioned here. Anna disappears into the night and me and friend continue our much needed D&M. All things are cleared up. My night ends happily with a lollipop, some South Park and a spoon.

All in all- a random ass night.

I love you Anna ^_^ Thanx!

Peace, unicorns and dandelions,


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hooray, yet another day where I dragged my lazy self out of bed at 7am- two days in a row...that, my friends, is a record!

So as I promised, here is a short and sweet review about That Face:
Firstly- I would recommend seeing this play if only to see the amazing lighting and sound transitions. Kudos to lighting designer Carolyn Emerson and composer Steve Toulmin.
The play itself is a modern take on a dysfunctional British family torn apart by alcoholism. When the youngest daughter Mia (Ashley Ricardo) is expelled from her prestigious boarding school the help of her Daddy (Eugene Gilfedder), who now lives in Hong Kong with his new family, is called to bail her out. He returns to see just how much the family has unravelled and how his son Henry (Leon Cain) is desperately trying to keep their mother, Martha (Helen Howard), together.

Ultimately the acting was superb and I was captivated from scene to scene (again this might have been because of the amazing fluorescent lighting transitions). However, there were some characters which seemed a bit over the top. Such as Mia's best friend played by Lauren O'Rourke who was much too stereotypical and ditsy for my liking. The dad also seemed very fake and put on which might have worked if it wasn't so strongly contrasted by the sincerity of the other characters. Specifically the character of Henry. He was by far the most fascinating character as there was not one point during the performance where he did not have my attention.

Overall the play is very witty and heartfelt with a splash of black comedy. Definitely something I wish I had written at the age of 19. Well Done Polly Stenham.

And simply because this blog is about ME, here's some more photography for you, this time under the topic of Abstract.

And now I am off to spend some time with my lovely friend Anna who is going to show me the intricacies of West End.

Love, rainbows and nuclear war,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being still while not being still

So far today has been an extremely good day- I actually got up at 7am which, if you didn't know, is a really good feeling. You should try it sometime.
I then proceeded to do a whole hours worth of exercise and now I'm pretty much pumped for the day.
I've got a few hours to kill before I go see That Face with my friend Chrissie. Apparently its pretty good so if you have the chance you should go see it, godknows we all need to see a bit more Theatre these days. But if you are one of those people who have the attention span of a month old kitten, then I will try give a dot point review after I've watched it. You can thank me later.

As I explained this blog is about my hobbies and likes so here are some Still Life photography I did for Varsity. Some critique would be apreciated, but: "WOW BIANCA ZOMG YOU ARE AMAZING" is good too.
Ill maybe upload the rest of my assignment later. No promises


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And so it begins

So this is my first ever blog *cue streamers and celebratory music*
I just never could understand why other people would want to know much about what is going on in my life.
Therefore I have decided to not make this blog anything like a diary entry. I will leave most of my personal life out of this.
Instead, I will use this blog to shamelessly plug my photography and here and there throw in some stuff that I find funny and/or interesting.

Heres something to start you all off:

Hope you enjoy!