Friday, April 17, 2009

Alrighty HO

At this point in the day (it is now just after 4pm) I have finally got myself up to go shower. You see it, is the morning after the night before and I want to document the events that took place last night. Yes I know I said this blog wont be personal, but I just need to write this stuff down somewhere- and where else but the vast empty universe which is the Internet.

So after a long day of retail therapy with Anna, we plonked ourselves on the bean bags at Rumpus Room with an ice cold vodka-orange. We then proceed to display our recently bought clothing like hunters displaying their prized deer head trophies. After a few ooo's and aaa's we decide it is only fair that the world see how amazing we look in our new outfits so we plan on going out that night.

A quick nap, a necessary shower and a bottle of Trevi later and we are happily on our way to the city, or more specifically UJs. We got our drink cards, downed our four vodka-lime-and-lemonade's and headed to the (very empty) dancefloor. As we are both drama students and have an insatiable urge for attention we unleashed our best dance moves which (GASP SHOCK HORROR) did not include any gyrating on top of each other of skankily shaking what our momma gave us. This seemed to be new to the people in the club as we were quickly surrounded by an audience who then proceeded to dance with us. We had single handedly started a dancefloor.

A quick trip to the ladies room to remove some sweat and re-apply some powder and it was back to the bar to replenish our drinks. Standing in line we notice that we had indeed made some fans as every second person complimented us on our sweet moves. Anna catches up with her (very sexy dreadlocked) friend and I make a few new friends as the line to the bar was taking forever. We finally got our four vodka-cranberry's and it was back to the dancefloor.

Again Anna runs into another one of her (very attractive actor) friends. My new friend comes to dance with me and decides to buy me a drink. However on the way back to the bar security asks me to accompany them outside. Feeling a bit bewildered, as I was still walking upright and not slurring my words yet, I followed him. He asks to see my ID again and I get pretty pissed because this is apparently a "random routine check". Random my ass. Just because I wasn't wearing hooker stilettos, and my skirt was a length that my granny would be proud of, apparently makes me underaged.

Girls+alcohol+emotion= fights/tears- I decide to leave UJ's as they don't deserve my money. Anna realises I'm gone and follows me to Snitch. Snitch.was.DEAD. It was horrible- but I was talking to my peeps tryna get the attention of another one of my peeps and Anna got bored. After a few huffs and sighs we leave Snitch with the intention of going back to UJ's. Then came the tears. Such a big fight erupted between me and Anna, I'm surprised no punches were thrown. I got in a cab and went home, leaving Anna in the city to fend for herself.

I get home at approximately 1am with Anna arriving shortly after me. After a few wise words and hugs and kisses we decide the night is still young and head back out. The time is now 2am. As the fight was between UJ's and Snitch we decide to instead go to The Vic. Just as we are about to line up at the door, a very dru...friendly Irish guy(leprechaun?) started a conversation with us and showed us his pot of gold(hand full of $50 notes). He then very generously gave me and Anna each a $50 note, and refused to take it back after quite a few tries. He bid us a good evening and disappeared into the night. We were confused, rattled and now very, very rich. Not wanting to offend the Irish bloke by saving this new fortune, we did what any God loving Irish would do- headed to the pub(The Vic). Squealing like little school girls over a Johnny Depp poster, we immediately headed to the bar where we discovered we didn't even need our Irish gold as drinks were being bought for us.

Again it was slightly dead but we ran around anyway- dodging between "hey sexy"'s and "where you goin, babe?"'s. We soon got bored and headed across the road to the Stock Exchange. There we met up with Anna's actor friend and again discovered being a girl is worth a lot more than our Irish gold. We danced- made friends- viewpointed the architecture and waited till they finally kicked us out.

As we were about to leave I happened to bump into my friend whom Ive been avoiding for reasons which will not be mentioned here. Anna disappears into the night and me and friend continue our much needed D&M. All things are cleared up. My night ends happily with a lollipop, some South Park and a spoon.

All in all- a random ass night.

I love you Anna ^_^ Thanx!

Peace, unicorns and dandelions,


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