Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rather late than pregnant

Wow- only like a month later right? So my life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks, but I am back home for the holidays so I have some time to update this page. As I promised, here are the holga photos!Pretty good for my first time I think ^_^
So right now I am eating KFC and watching America's Next Top Model, I feel kinda liberated.
Don't really have anything else to add, so feel free to comment!

love and jellytots!

oh and P.s- Loki(my kitten) is doing great ^_^


1 comment:

  1. Hehe, great pictures lovely.
    Good to hear you are doing alright.
    I totes had a dream about you last night.
    I was looking all over for you and finally found you and you were really really mini for some reason, and i picked you up and hugged you andddd then you and Jodi (i think) were arguing about what the best city in South Africa was. LOL.

    Love youuuuu