Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Blues

This is why I've never had a blog; I tend to forget about it. Luckily I actually have some readers (read: Dan) who asked me "So, when you gonna write more in your blog?" to which my initial response was; " *blank face* Oh crap. Yeah, alright- I'll do it tomorrow."
So here it is folks! Not much new- no amazing discoveries. However I did stumble upon this pic, which I've seen once before, but want to share with you now.
Hopefully one day, I will come up with something origional. Tomorrow I will have my kitten desexed as well as develop my first ever Holga film. I will post them tomoz, whether they are good or simply embarassing. Wish me luck.

Oh and for the record, today was a pretty good day.

Marilyn (I s'pose I should sign off with Marilyn as it is my blog's name LOLOMGWTFROFLBBQKTHNXBAI)




  1. Nice picture. Hope the sterilization of the kitten went smoothly. Look forward to new blog updates!