Monday, September 14, 2009

The world's a happy place.

Oh man. keeping up with this thing is hard. Especially since I've discovered Restaurant City on Facebook. Seriously. Don't do it.

Ok, well since I've seemingly changed this blog to a slightly more personal "thing" I think I might just keep with it as a personal virtual punching bag(venting).

So here goes.

Why is it that people can't be happy? One theory by literary theorist Lacan is that language is the reason we will never be happy. No really, stay with me here- I actually kind of agree with him.
He explains that we are all born whole and happy. However, as soon as we learn words, we stray from that "wholeness". When we see ourselves in a mirror and have no language, we look at ourselves as a whole. One being. Completely happy.
We are taught about elbows and knees, arms and fingers. Now when we look at ourselves. We see elbows and knees. Not a whole person. We see imperfections and we can name them.
To compensate for this we seek a partner. Someone to make us feel whole. Someone who just "fits". Sadly, no one ever "fits", well, not really.

Thats how I see it, anyway.
Why can't we just be happy? Just be. Why do we constantly need SOMETHING to make us happy?
Everyone seems to be wearing a mask with a beautifully painted smiley face. Bright and yellow. When we feel alone, or sad or scared. We look around, slap bang into all these bright smiley happy faces. Not knowing that they too are simply masks.
Everyone seems so happy we think. We forget that we too are wearing our smiley mask, making us look just as happy.Everyone feels this way, sure- some more than others.
The optimists feel this way, yet have some strange ability to work through it like it will get better. The realists simply work through it as a means to an end. And the pessimists, well some just don't have the strength to work through it at all.

Why can't we believe that everyone is not out to hurt us? Not everyone wants to lie to you, or cheat on you or bring you down. Yet we firmly place that assumption on others, barely giving them the chance. Then get upset when we too arn't given a chance.

I wish I could see a whole. And not infest others with my irrational insecurities. Maybe then we could be happy.

Sigh. P.s- This
is pretty much what I get to wear at my new job.

I should be happy right?



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