Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Not mine, but my lovely boyfriend's. It was yesterday and I decided to make him an awesome cake which I thought id share on here. Yes, I know there are millions of cakes like this online, and no i didnt take any of those recipe's, I used my own timeless white spongecake recipe and simply divided it into six colours. Really not that hard :P
So anyway- here it is:
Came out better than I had hoped. :)
I also made him a sweetawesometastic plushie:

We also had a picnic and then... I don't believe I am telling people this, but thereafter we watched New Moon.
I honestly have never laughed so hard in a packed movie theatre. It was hillarious:

*Actual lines from the movie.

Childish? yes...maybe- but man was it perfect timing.

Pretty much the only reason I will ever go watch it again would be because of, yep you guessed it:
Under aged bestiality ftw. Seriously, 17? I would definitely give him my name if he asked for it.

That all that happened this week.
Well, that and I am sick. Joy.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Death Rally

Oh man, my last entry was depressing.
I'm really not that depressed, sorry boutAlign Center that :)

So recently I have found many a childhood memory which I can now play again. I'm talking about PC games of course.
I found the best website : which allows you to play old school nintendo games for free online!!! My life is complete :)
This little discovery however, came at a price of my sanity and a good night's sleep, as; a few hours before, I had watched Paranormal Activity. This movie is really not for the faint of heart. No Jokes. I was so scared I could not sleep for almost a week. The reason for its scary rating is not only the "camcorder effect" of filming like Blair Witch, but because the characters are so damn believable and relatable. For those of you who dont know, it is about a woman who has been haunted since she was little, her now fiance thinks it would be funny to agravate the "ghost" only to find out it's not a ghost, but a demon and that it doesn't like messing with.
Man, scary does not describe this movie, absolutely terrifying comes close though.

So back to my nostalgia. After finding this little gem in the interwebs, I had an idea to look for my all time favourite DOS game: DEATH RALLY. And lo and behold I was in luck.
My dearest boyfriend quickly picked up how to install/use emulators, but I didn't want to go through all that, so I kept searching- only to find the lovely people at Windows to have turned it into a PC game(without having to use DosBox).

Yet again, with this discovery, I have a new onset of insomnia. Hooray :) But atleast this time its voluntery and not because I am scared of being dragged into a different dimension by a bored demon.

Hopefully I will update more soon.