Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I swear I am still alive and will update this page quicker.
I've been home (South Africa) for just over a month and have been shocked at how much things change when you've been gone for so long.
I have come to several conclusions and new ways of living my life, you might do well to follow the following crucial rules:
-nothing lasts forever, sad, true- treasure moments, move on.
-be grateful for your mother's home cooked meals.
-know that some people are only supposed to be in your life for a short while, but in that time you might learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.
-you are stronger than you realize.
-turning 21 really isnt such a big deal.
-being 21 is a lot scarier than I expected.
-not having any future plans might be scary, but at least it isnt boring.
-people do not need role-models, they simply need friends who encourage them to be the best they can be.
-the only person you really need to impress is yourself.
-art makes most problems disappear.
-if art doesn't work, try acting.
-ive forgotten how fun reading is.
-the internet should not be your life.

This list will probably grow as I slowly remember all my new ideas.

Today might have been the best last day ever. I got to hang out with Andrea, watch an amazing film and score some free cake from the cute Mugg&Bean manager. All is good in the world, and tomorrow I will be back in Australia which means I will be able to present this page with more of my own art.

that will be all for tonight, oh and two of my new favourite films are The Fountain, and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Watch them, you will not be disappointed. Thanx for the movie night W, ily.